Who are we

Mark Garrick Ltd was established in 2000 due to the demand for an agricultural technician in the North East/West area. Since then, the business has grown to not only offering service and repairs, but trading parts and machinery. Mark Garrick Ltd has proudly partnered with industry leaders to provide their customers with quality and lasting products.

Ran by directors Mark and Jackie, the family business has a close- knit team of 11, who are experienced and receive regular training to ensure they can carry out their role to the highest standard possible. They believe strongly in the best customer care, providing professional advice and a fair deal at all times.



By being transparent and honest with out customers we believe we can gain their trust and give them the best deal available.



Here at Mark Garrick Ltd we believe in not only growth for the business, but growth for our staff in terms of education and training



We work to our strengths and feel that working together creates a more connected working environment. We also notice how a win for one, is a win for us all.

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