In 2019, Nicola and her father, George, were in the market for a telehandler. Their mixed farm is based in Aberdeenshire, where they have suckler cows, sheep, and barley.

Their previous loader was a John Deere, however, the brand stopped production on the machine, so the pair were looking for something new to fulfill their needs.

A loader is a daily essential for the farm. It’s used for a range of jobs, from loading the bedder and mixer wagon, to taking bales out to the spring calving cows.

Nicola and George had demonstrated a few different machines but “both decided collectively that it was Manitou we would go for”. In the end, they opted for the MLA T533 145 V+. Nicola say’s “It was definitely a clear winner out of the ones we were looking at”.

“We were always going to go for centre pivot, and we like the manitou as it has a much better view from the cab. Especially because we have the main road going through our farm, so it was important that we had a good view from the cab.”

When asked what she would say to someone in the market for a telehandler, Nicola responded with “I’d say definitely try it out. We have always been very happy and if there has been anything, Mark has always been very efficient at getting it sorted. I’d definitely say it’s worth a look and see if it suits your farm”.

The service provided by Mark has always been a priority and this has so clearly been recognized with Nicola mentioning she would “definitely recommend his business. He’s always been there if we’ve ever had an issue and sorted it as soon as.”

To sum it up. “Excellent service”.

Author: Rebecca McQuater

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