Cant hear or see for some reason?

Here’s what Tilly has to say.

“My name is Tilly Smith, and myself and my husband Alan run this farm which is on the Glenlivet estate.”

“We have quite an unusual setup here at Wild Farm. We have Wild Boar and Iron Aged Pigs, we have Fallow Deer and Red Deer. We have Belted Galloways. Finally, we have part of the famous Cairngorm Reindeer herd here at the farm.”

“We have to have a tractor for many facets here on the farm. We need a tractor to harvest the silage and harvest the barley, which then gets fed to the cattle and the deer. It needs to be a big strong functional four-wheel drive tractor to cope with the terrain which is hilly but also is often covered in the winter in quite deep snow.”

“Mark Garrick was incredibly friendly and helpful. He’s also local to the area which always helps, and he was able to do us a very good deal part exchanging our old tractor for the Case.”

By: Rebecca McQuater

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