Vehicle List

  1. Adjustable Calf Creep

    Adjustable Calf Creep

    Stock Number: 2545 Adjustable vertical bar’s, allowing older animals to gain access. Adjustable height creep bar. Full width hopper which is easily filled with loader bucket or bags.

  2. Manitou Bucket 1500L
  3. Sutton Combo Unit 2.4m

    Sutton Combo Unit 2.4m

    Stock Number: 2436 Manitou Brackets

  4. Manitou Bucket 2000LManitou Bucket 2000L

    Manitou Bucket 2000L

    New Stock Due in Manitou Approved

  5. Pallet Fork 4.5T

    Pallet Fork 4.5T

    Stock Number: 2099  

  6. 4ft Manure Grab Euro
  7. Manure Fork 130 Euro

    Manure Fork 130 Euro

    Stock Number: 2092 Euro Bracket

  8. Pallet Fork 3.5T

    Pallet Fork 3.5T

    Stock Number: 2098  

  9. Manitou Universal Bale Grab

    Manitou Universal Bale Grab

    Stock Number: 2529 Manitou Approved  

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