Wild Farm

Here at Mark Garrick Ltd, we attract a wide range of interesting clients, none more so than Wild Farm. Located in the Cairngorms, their farm is home to many beautiful animals such as Iron Age pigs, Soay sheep, and Scotland’s very own Belted Galloway Cattle. However, Wild Farms most popular attraction and certainly our favorite, are the stunning breeds of deer that live on the farm. Wild Farm host both Red and Fallow deer, who are self-sufficient breeds and perfectly compliment the already unique inhabitants within the Cairngorms. Wild Farm is a fantastic family attraction and perfect for all ages. They offer amazing tours that allow you to get up close with these animals while learning about their fascinating heritage from their experienced farmers.

Tilly and Alan at Wild Farm were in the market for a reliable and powerful tractor that would allow them to effectively run their farm and care for the animals. So, when they came to Mark Garrick, we knew that the Case IH Maxxum was the perfect match for them and their needs. The 6-cylinder engine gives the tractor better torque so under load the tractor will perform better and will have a longer life expectancy. The tractor also features a cab and axle suspension which allows for smoother and comfier ride giving the operator comfort.

While delivering Wild Farm their new tractor, we were lucky enough to be invited on to the farm to spend some time meeting the animals during the hand over demonstration of the tractor. It truly was an amazing and unique experience that taught us all so much about the fascinating history of Scotland’s inhabitants. We would like to say a big thank you to Tilly and Alan Smith for the fantastic day we had and would highly recommend that you and the family experience this for yourself once travel restrictions are loosened.

Watch the video below to follow the tractors journey to its new home along with some very special guests.

*Rules and restrictions of COVID 19 were all adhered to during the handover.